A post I never wanted to write (iPad)

by Balázs Tarsoly on January 29th, 2010

The last thing I wanted to do is to add yet another Apple iPad post to the internet to the millions there have been before the 27th January and the millions of posts and comments that there have been since then. Following all the #fail comments on twitter I changed my mind so here’s a few thoughts.

The discussions going on about the iPad – how it is not so genius, how it lacks so many fundamental functions and capabilities – remember me a lot the first discussions about the iPhone. Apple in the mobile phone market? Hey, what’s needed here is not a toy, but a phone! And all the things missing, no GPS, no MMS, no Copy-Paste, etc. Now, with the 3rd generation iPhone all these “lackings” are sorted out and we can be curious what further innvoations there will be for the product. Currently Apple makes more profit in the mobile market than mobile phone giant Nokia (iPhone helps Apple pull more profit than Nokia). And now, after only 3 years and 75 Mio iPhones sold, even the biggest PC fans (or Apple opponents) own an iPhone – or can’t wait for their contract to expire to finally get one.

My daughter started to navigate through the photos and videos on my iPhone when she was 2 years old. I can clearly see people not so familiar with the digital world having a very easy approach in daily use with the iPad. I think it is a fantastic device and in my opinion the lacking of features has purely strategic reasons: to keep the price down in order to open up the door to a broad market. And will we miss an USB-Port or Drag and Drop File Management when we pick up the device from the kitchen table to flip through some newspapers or in order to write a quick e-mail? I would rather doubt that. And will my mother wish for multi-tasking or a camera while watching videos from her grandchildren? I highly doubt that. But I am looking forward to that camera which surely will be built in in the second generation.

I think – as always with design – the experience will make it and I am convinced it will be a really good one. I can picture the iPad in many daily situations. Can’t wait to do a presentation with it.

As for the publishing industry, paid content has been the big issue in the recent months. The content and the contracts made will show – but if the iPad saves the publishing industry (and makes Apple earn fortunes in the meantime) – I am happy for both of them.

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