Emigre No. 70 – a book recommendation

by Balázs Tarsoly on December 10th, 2009

During my first summer semester breaks as a student in communication design 1998 I went to London  to study English and booked a course of five weeks.

I ran out of money after a week and needed a solution if I wanted to stay. In London, I thought, earning money is easy, I just walk in one of those pubs. But nobody wanted me since I had no waiter experience. So the next day I took the yellow pages, looked up some design agencies in Center London and passed by three to have a look. Since I didn’t have any kind of reference with me, I was surprised two of them were ready to take me immediately on an afternoon basis. And I started to work at the Kord Group London (today fresh01.com). The openness in that vibrant city is certainly what London stood for in that period.

It ended that they wanted me to stay and I only went back to Germany to get my winter clothes and to tell university that I take a semester off.

It happened to become a really exciting period, particularly designwise. Beside the work I enjoyed I was discovering the London music and design world. In one of those little libraries I have discovered an issue of Emigre. Then I started to collect all the issues I could grab. Emigre covered a for graphic design very exciting and transformative period after the introduction of the first Apple Computer and the digital shift it provoked. The magazine both documented the design experimentations and was at the same time contributor and pioneer to the movement. Text was not only to be read – it was to be seen at the same time. Emigre (with its digital type foundry) was among the first typographers of the digital realm.

This book – put it simply – is a reprint of selected work. For me it has a personal historic relevance. But this book is – above all – a part of graphic design history which nobody interested in graphic design should miss.

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